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what is email in

As you know that,Present time email is unique identification for every user.So, We make it simple..You just need to type a random mail address and just make sure it should be in email pattern.
You need to provide the mail id which you have been provided at the registration time.
what is password in

You need to provide that password which you given at the registration time.if you forgot your password please visit Forgot password page.If you got any another problem related to login or password please visit Contact us form.
Why Full Name ?

You don't have to fill many option we just made it simple. we give you an option to fill you name.if you want to fill you first name only that's ok also.and if you have middle name , you can also write there.
Email or Phone Number...

We gave you two option , either you can fill you email address or Mobile number.visibility will be your choice,by default is hidden. you can create any email address as per you choice or phone number, Just make sure it should be follow the stander of email patter.
Advantage :You can get the amazing email pattern
Disadvantage : You won't be able to recover your password.
Password ...

We not make any type of restriction to create your password.Just make sure your password length should be more then 6 charector . We recommend that make the strong password use mixed char like : kjzng^#@45@kgT
forget Password email...

If you registred email is not valid, please Contect us. Or you can create the new account.
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