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GST Ka Full Form English में (Goods and Service Tax) है 

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durga prasad panda occupies a prominent position in oriya literature .Primarily a linguist ,paneda also writes poetry in English and sometimes translates Oriya poems into English and vise versa ,His famous works are sawarani and rays .In the present poem polythene bag ,he touches on the environme Continue reading

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Basant Cottage
Railway Road,Dhanbad
6 April, 2019

My dear Father,
        I am sorry to inform you that I have failed in the December Test.I fail in english and economis.I n History and Pol.Science, too, I have not fared well.But believe me, Continue reading

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Patna Sahib, Patna

My Dear Brother,
               Last Monday I got your letter and knew that you were quite well at home .I am the same with my colleagues at school hostel.
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59,Sea Side Road
   Khar, Mumbai
26 April , 2019

The Personnel Manager
New World Publications
worli, Mumbai

Sub-Science Division : Executives

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